W.H. Bradley Medal

The IAL W.H. Bradley Medal is given to a limnogeologist who is outstanding in their field, shows dedication and service to the field of limnogeology and has contributed outstanding ideas and innovation to the field, including seminal publications. The medal is named after the geologist Wilmot Hyde Bradley.

Previous Medal Winners

  • 2018  IAL IPA Joint Meeting Stockholm, Sweden: Andy Cohen (USA)

  • 2015  ILIC6 Reno, USA: Jean-Jacques Tiercelin (France)

  • 2011  ILIC5 Constance, Germany: Beth Gierlowski-Kordesch (USA)

  • 2007  ILIC4 Barcelona, Spain: Mike Talbot (Norway)

  • 2003  ILIC3 Tuscon, USA: Tom Johnson (USA)

  • 1999  ILIC2 Brest, France: Kerry Kelts (USA)


The IAL board would like to solicit your nominations for the next Bradley medal winner, to be awarded at IAL IPA 2022. The next deadline for nominations is 1 September 2021; early applications are welcome. Further information on the nomination process and criteria can be downloaded below.

Bradley Medal Nomination Information

IAL Bradley Medal Raw.png

Prize Winners

IAL IPA Joint Meeting 2018 (Stockholm, Sweden)

  • W.H. Bradley medal awarded to Professor Andy Cohen (University of Arizona, USA)

  • Student Oral Paper prize awarded to Christine Chen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

  • Student Poster prize awarded to Leticia Martin-Bello (University of Zaragoza, Spain)