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Series Editors: Rosen, Michael, Schwalb, Antje, Valero-Garces, Blas L.

The aim of this book series is to focus on syntheses or summaries of modern and/or ancient lake systems worldwide. Individual books will present as much information as is available for a particular lake basin or system of basins to offer readers one distinct reference as a guide to conduct further work in these areas. The books will synthesize the tectonics, basin evolution, paleohydrology, and paleoclimate of these basins and provide unbiased new interpretations or provide information on both sides of controversial issues. In addition, some books in the series will synthesize special topics in limnogeology, such as historical records of pollution in lake sediments and global paleoclimate signatures from lake sediment records.


Limnogeology: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities

A Tribute to Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch

Rosen, M.R., Finkelstein, D., Park Boush, L., Pla-Pueyo, S

This book honors the career of Professor Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch who was a pioneer and leader in the field of limnogeology since the 1980s. Her work was instrumental in guiding students and professionals in the field until her untimely death in 2016. This collection of chapters was written by her colleagues and students and recognize the important role that Professor Gierlowski-Kordesch had in advancing the field of limnogeology. The chapters show the breadth of her reach as these have been contributed from virtually every continent.

This book will be a primary reference for scientists, professionals and graduate students who are interested in the latest advances in limnogeologic processes and basin descriptions in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and China.


Editors: Smith, M.E. & Carroll, A.R.

This volume presents a suite of detailed stratigraphic and sedimentologic investigations of the Eocene Green River Formation of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, one of the world’s foremost terrestrial archives of lacustrine and alluvial deposition during the warmest portion of the early Cenozoic. Its twelve chapters encompass the rich and varied record of lacustrine stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochronology, geochemistry and paleontology. Chapters 2-9 provide detailed member-scale synthesis of Green River Formation strata within the Greater Green River, Fossil, Piceance Creek and Uinta Basins, while its final two chapters address its enigmatic evaporite deposits and ichnofossils at broad, interbasinal scale.

Books: Research
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